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Morné has an unbelievable passion and love for kickboxing and it's noticeable.  With the energy he brings day in and day out in his craft. He loves to teach and loves to see when people do well. Seeing people learn and doing well is what drives him to teach. When people’s eyes light up when they finally master a concept that in itself a massive reward. He truly believes when they succeed, he succeeds.

Morné is known for his in-depth technical style of teaching which is based on all the elements of martial arts, especially the art of movement and angles. He believes every punch you choose to throw should have a significant effect. Imagine maximizing your output using minimal energy.  He strongly believes in intelligence before application.  His approach to kickboxing can be described as pure accuracy and devastation.
Morné changes your perception of what's in front of you, his style of opponent simulation and realistic scenario settings are one of the most effective methods used to ensure a proper foundation in kickboxing. 

He strives to make his students the strongest version of themselves in all aspects. His goals are not only to make you win at kickboxing but also make those he works with great in life in everything they do. He believes that the dedication, effort, and energy used to be great in kickboxing can also translate well into everyday life.  Kickboxing isn’t just a sport but a way of life and thinking.  He believes if you can overcome the challenges in the ring, everything else is easily manageable.

Morne coaches the Kickboxing and Recharge classes in the evenings and is available for Private Classes.


We don’t have the “every man for himself” mindset; we are a family that wants to see each other grow and reach our personal goals.


“Awesome coaches installing core values with tons of patience. Great team. Highly recommended.”


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