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Our Kids Kickboxing classes are not only focused on creating skilled Junior Kickboxers, but on instilling the 15 virtues of SHIDO. We firmly believe that Kickboxing training should have a positive effect on all areas of life, and we strive to teach our Junior Kickboxing students valuable life lessons that will prepare them for the world outside of Kickboxing. 

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​To instill these virtues within our Junior Kickboxing students, we use a reward system that enables the student to receive rewards if they implement these virtues on a consistent basis. We not only reward these behaviours at the Kickboxing class but outside of it as well. We generally cycle through the virtues by choosing a specific virtue as the theme for each month. During this time we teach why the chosen virtue is important, and we make sure that each student understands it. We then give them homework regarding the specific virtue and also send reward sheets with them that they can use at home and school. These reward sheets give us feedback regarding how well the student implemented the specific virtue. If the reward sheet has a high score, the student will receive a reward. In our philosophy, this is the ultimate goal of martial art training and competition, to improve the character of the practitioner and to provide them with skills and knowledge that empowers them to create a positive and fulfilling life outside of martial arts. For more information regarding our philosophy, click here.

The two options for Kids Kickboxing:

Kids Kickboxing (5 - 6 years old)

Our Kickboxing classes for this age group is focused on improving motor skills, coordination, and basic Kickboxing skills. At this age, their attention span is quite limited, so this is a 30-minute class with a playful theme to keep them engaged. We teach them the fundamentals and improve their overall skills by using playful and fun exercises and training methods. 

Kids Kickboxing (7 - 13 years old)

This Kickboxing class is more serious and is focused on teaching our Junior Kickboxing students how to become effective Kickboxers and to strengthen their bodies and minds. This is a 45-minute class that consists of fitness and skill training, and occasional games that develop certain athletic attributes.

We strive to build strong, confident, and capable children that can make a difference in the world outside of Kickboxing. A major issue that we have been dealing with over the years is bullying. The results that we have had with our Junior Kickboxers in regards to bullying has been very positive, to say the least. We have had countless students who have had problems with being bullied at school, and due to the increase in confidence, and self-defence and conflict resolution skills after starting to train at SHIDO, these issues were resolved. We also have a very high success rate in dealing with children that had problems with managing their anger or other emotions, besides providing them with an emotional outlet, the training at SHIDO provides each child with the opportunity to learn more about their emotions. A subsequent result is better emotional control and emotional intelligence. To be a good Kickboxer, you have to have a high level of mastery over your body, mind, and emotions.

Our Junior Kickboxers also have the option to compete in various tournaments should they want to; this gives them a platform to further develop themselves. Our philosophy when it comes to competition is that it's a testing ground where we learn more about ourselves, and where we can truly test our Kickboxing skills against an actual opponent. When a student competes in a tournament, it tests them mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Competing in tournaments is optional, but highly recommended if you want to get the full benefits of our Kickboxing training. For more information regarding competitions, the belt ranking system, and the style of Kickboxing, click here.

When it comes to our curriculum for children, safety is always our highest priority. All of our classes are run in a safe training environment and are designed to be extremely fun and exciting from start to finish.


With every lesson at SHIDO, your child will become more capable of defending themselves and experience other benefits, including but not limited to the following:



  • Increased patience and emotional control.

  • Character development.

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • The ability to set and achieve goals.

  • Increased strength, agility, coordination, speed, and balance.

  • Improved health and wellness.

  • Improved flexibility and posture.

  • The ability to follow their own path and deal with peer pressure.

  • The confidence and skills to deal with bullies.

  • Life skills that will help them to deal with life's challenges.

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