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To get the best out of martial arts, you have to dedicate yourself to it. You have to see it as a way of life, and not just a sport or a hobby. A true martial artist walks on two paths, he/she walks the path of the warrior, and the path of the scholar. This means that a true martial artist trains the body and mind for combat and to keep themselves in good health and condition, but he/she also seeks to gain more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. They embody the way of the pen and the sword.

The Legion Program is designed for students that are serious about their martial art journey and wants to take it to the next level, not only as a practice, but as a way of life. This program allows you to join a group of like-minded people, who strive to develop their full potential and dedicate themselves to the martial way. 




Joining the Legion Program will give you access to exclusive extracurricular training that will deepen and expand your skill, knowledge, and progression in martial arts. The goal of the Legion Program is to aid students to embody the true essence of a warrior, and to help them to implement the knowledge and skills that our training offers into all areas of their lives.

A SHIDO martial artist is a protector, a bringer of joy and light to those in darkness, and a guide to those who need it. They bring a positive change into the world around them, and they strive to make a difference. But in order to do these things effectively, a student must undertake proper training.

"The goal of the martial arts is not for the destruction of an opponent, but rather for self-growth and self-perfection. The practice of a martial art should be a practice of love - for the preservation of life, for the preservation of body, and for the preservation of family and friends." Dan Inosanto

 ​When you join the Legion Program, you will gain the following:

  • An extra class on Fridays where we will cover various extracurricular training. Including but not limited to, self defense, concepts and knowledge that will enhance your skills, pressure point fighting, martial art anatomy, self-improvement teachings, weapons training, martial art philosophy, and much more.

  • Exclusive teachings that will dramatically improve your martial art skills, and provide you with wisdom and insight that will have a positive effect on all areas of your life.

  • Discount on the various seminars that are hosted by our Head Instructor, under SHIDO and the self-development company, Inner Warrior.

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Criteria for joining the Legion Program

  • The student must be older than 13 years.

  • The student must make a commitment towards living life in accordance to the 15 virtues of SHIDO and the martial way.


  • The student must have obtained the rank of Red II.


Join the Legion Program now and take your martial art journey to the next level!

"A true martial artist is the integration of the warrior and the sage. He is a man of peace, but he has the ability to destroy." - Bohdi Sanders

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