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If you are stuck in a workout rut or looking for an exciting and motivating fitness routine, our high-energy Cardio Kickboxing classes are for you!


Cardio Kickboxing is an exciting training method that mainly focuses on cardiovascular exercises that offer many positive benefits. It's a great way to get fit and healthy while learning new skills and having fun!

Boxing Session

The main difference between our regular Fitness classes and the Cardio Kickboxing classes is that Cardio Kickboxing revolves around the use of Kickboxing techniques and training methods to get you fit and healthy. The classes generally consist of punches, kicks, and other Kickboxing techniques mixed together with a variety of fitness exercises.

Some of the benefits of doing Cardio Kickboxing include:

Reduced Stress Levels

Because of the nature of Cardio Kickboxing, it's an excellent stress reliever. Punching and kicking a punching bag is a very effective way of getting rid of pent-up stress. Training with a supportive and fun community is another factor that makes our Cardio Kickboxing classes so fun and uplifting.

Improve Your Coordination

The techniques and movements that we teach in our Cardio Kickboxing classes are known to develop balance, flexibility, coordination, reflexes, and a variety of other abilities.  At SHIDO, we teach our Cardio Kickboxing students how to perform each technique correctly to prevent injuries and to help them to become proficient at using those techniques. This is also one of the reasons why Cardio Kickboxing is such a fun fitness workout, you are learning new skills while you are putting in hard work. This often results in you not realising how hard you actually worked during the class because you are focused on learning new things and having fun!

Getting In Shape

Cardio Kickboxing is well-known for its amazing results when it comes to weight loss and getting in shape. The high-intensity exercises that we do burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It also induces what we call the "afterburn effect", which is when your body continues to burn calories after the workout has been completed. 

Increased Energy

Having fun and working hard in our Cardio Kickboxing classes will release endorphins that are known to create a positive uplifting feeling. This response within your body is amplified when you achieve your own personal goals and witness your progress as you consistently show up for class. A healthier, fitter and more confident version of yourself will have more energy and clarity as you go throughout your day!

Improved Posture

Our Cardio Kickboxing workouts will challenge many muscle groups that don't get enough attention throughout the day. The variety of exercises that we incorporate into our classes will build a stronger, fitter, and healthier version of yourself. The mobility exercises and stretching that we do in each class will improve your posture and overall mobility, which will help you to develop a healthy, full range of motion that gives you freedom of movement.

Book your 7-day free trial now and join us for an exciting Cardio Kickboxing workout!

"Life is going to beat you up.  It wouldn't be fair if you didn't throw some punches back at it." - Bradley Bowman

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